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Virtual Office

What is a virtual law office (VLO)?
A VLO gives us a way to securely communicate with you online, upload and download documents for review at your convenience 24/7, and handle invoicing and other business transactions in a secure digital environment. When augmented by telephone and video conferencing our VLO allows us to provide the same services which we provide in a traditional office setting with no compromise in the quality of legal representation.

What are the advantages of a VLO to our clients?
With VLO technology and the proliferation of Smartphones, iPads, email, text messaging, and video conferencing it is possible to offer quality and affordable legal services without clients physically visiting our offices. And, frankly, most of our clients have no desire to spend time in our office unless it is necessary.

A VLO gives our clients …

  • The option of using our services on-line or virtually and never having to set foot in our office.
  • The ability to choose when and how you communicate with us.
  • The ability to avoid lost work time.
  • Reduced costs.
  • No required retainer or open ended fee arrangements. We agree on the fee before you hire us.
  • Document assembly technology to allow us to produce documents at a lower cost.
  • Guaranteed service. If you are not pleased, we refund all fees

How do I create a VLO client account?
It’s simple and takes only a couple of minutes. Just click on the Signup Now icon below or Client Registration under the Virtual Office tab and enter the requested information. During the registration process, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions for use of our virtual law office. Review this agreement and acknowledge your acceptance. There is no charge to register as a client and no financial obligation until we quote a fee and you accept it. We will respond to inquires within one business day.

Why should I create a VLO account?
With a VLO account, you have a secure way to upload and download files and communicate with us anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection. Access to your documents, case file, calendar, billing information, and many other features is available 24/7.