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Title work may be considered a volume business, but we know that no two files are exactly alike. The expertise and individual attention that we bring to each transaction will ensure that you have a positive closing experience.

5 Things to Know About Title:

  1. Although not required, title insurance is a smart financial move that helps to protect a buyer’s investment. Unlike other types of insurance, a title policy protects the buyer from events that occurred in the past.
  2. A title commitment is a document evidencing the title company’s commitment to insure the title to a property and issue a title policy if certain conditions are met.
  3. An owner’s title insurance policy is a contract that protects the buyer of a property from financial loss due to a defect in the title that existed when the policy was issued. Such defects include prior liens, undisclosed heirs, or gaps in the chain of title. Without title insurance, a buyer has limited recourse should any of these situations arise.
  4. A mortgagee title policy is a contract that protects the lender from a financial loss due to a defect in the owner’s title. The mortgagee policy does not protect the owner from loss, but does repay the balance of an owner’s mortgage if a claim against the title or property voids the title.
  5. If a problem arises after the policy has been issued, the buyer makes a claim with the title insurance company, which has a duty to pay for financial losses resulting from covered items such as those listed above and to defend the buyer against challenges to title.

The experienced escrow team at Hancock McGill & Bleau, LLLP understands the steps involved in any residential or commercial transaction, from opening to closing. The firm is affiliated with both Chicago Title and Independence Title, and offers two closing offices and mobile closing services, giving you unparalleled flexibility.

Title Forms

Document Request Form | PDF version

Buyer Information Form | PDF version

Seller Information Form | PDF version