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Need assistance in reviewing a contract, lease or any other real estate document? We can help.

Our clients use this service for a review of complex documents such as 30 to 40 page commercial leases or title commitments and underlying title documents, to simple contracts.

The service is easy to use. Just register as a client in our virtual office and upload the real estate documents to be reviewed. We will quote a fee for review and if you accept we will review and provide appropriate comments, suggestions for changes, etc.

Our quoted price includes a review of the document or documents and a telephone conference or email report regarding the documents reviewed. There is no cost or obligation for submitting a document and requesting a fee quote for the review.

The quoted fee does not include modification of terms contained in the documents or negotiation of changes to reviewed documents. These services may be provided for an additional fee. There is no financial obligation until you accept the fee.

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Submit Real Estate Documents
Maximum upload size: 30MB