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New Entity Form

Person Ordering

Type of Entity

One name per line

Name of Entity

Note: The name of a corporation must end with “Inc.”, “Corp”, or “Corporation”. A professional corporation name must include “P.C” or “Professional Corporation” and a professional association must include “P.A” or “Professional Association”. A limited liability company name must include “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company”.



Assumed Name(s)

If the entity will operate or conduct business under any name other than its full legal name (including the Inc., LLC, PA, etc at the end of the legal name, you will need to file an assumed name certificate. Please provide any assumed names which will be used.
One name per line


The board of directors or managers manages the corporation or company. Limited liability companies can be managed by its members but we require that corporations and associations by managed by a board of directors. Only one director/manager is required. If you are forming an LLC and do not want to name managers, leave this section blank.

Officers of Corporation or Company

We require all corporations and associations to name at least a president and secretary. An LLC may elect not to have officers. If you are creating an LLC and do not want officers, leave this section blank. For all others, please name a president and secretary. You may also name a vice-president and treasurer. All offices may be held by one person.


Members or shareholders own the corporation, company or association. Please list all owners.

Registered Agent and Registered Office

All entities must have a registered agent and office to receive official notifications which affect the entity. This must be a physical address. P.O. boxes are not acceptable. Anytime this address changes, the Secretary of State must be notified.

Annual Meeting

Corporations and associations are required to have annual meetings of the shareholders/members and board of directors. LLC’s are not required to have an annual meeting.) Select the month for annual meetings if one is required. If you do not select a month, we will use March.

The Corporation/Company/Association Will

Additional Information

Please provide any additional information relevant to the entity you want to create.


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