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We realize these are stressful and trying times. We are especially mindful of the sacrifices our healthcare and first responders are making and want to do what we can to help. One thing we can do is use our resources and expertise to remove what might be one worry off the minds of these community heroes, and that’s to ensure they have a will.

We realize that might feel like a strange, even morbid offer to some, but anyone who has faced a life-threatening situation knows the peace of mind it can give. The situation our healthcare professionals and first responders are facing is nothing short of life-threatening, so for those living or working in Travis, Williamson, Hays or Bastrop counties who do not have a basic will, we’d like to prepare one for you at no cost.

To initiate this process, please visit our website at Go to our Estate Planning page and select “Get Started.” There you can complete the questionnaire, check the box stating that you are a healthcare professional or first responder, and provide the name of your employer.

When we receive the questionnaire, we’ll contact you to ask for additional information, such as the names of executors and guardians, and we’ll provide you with information about who can serve in those capacities to aid in making selections. You can expect to spend about 10 minutes filling out the form online and about 20 minutes with us over the phone to secure the information needed for a basic will.

If you do not have a will, we hope you’ll take advantage of this offer. Even a simple will, such as we’re providing, is infinitely better than no will at all. Many of you may have more complex family situations to address in your estate planning. Maybe you have a blended family with children not born of your current marriage, or perhaps you have a special needs child or the need to ensure support for elderly parents. It is important to address these situations, but now is not the time. Now is the time to put basic planning in place, ensuring beneficiaries are clearly designated as immediate family members (or others, if you prefer) and that documents are appropriately signed (which we can facilitate on a remote basis, abiding by shelter-in-place orders around the region).

Thank you for keeping us safe, and please let us know how we can help provide for your family’s security for the future.