Aging, Family Decisions, and Taxes

Lisa was conflicted after having coffee with her mother this morning.  After all, this was her childhood home they were discussing.  Her parents  were in their mid-80s now, and wanted to get their finances in order “… because you never know.”   They were worried about estate taxes and probate and decided to transfer title

Foreclosure Basics

All states have a procedure for foreclosing on real property which is pledged as collateral for a loan. Most, Texas among them, have a non-judicial foreclosure procedure. As the name implies, a “non-judicial foreclosure” is conducted without the need for filing a lawsuit. That means it is a quick and relatively inexpensive process. Texas has

Avoiding Personal Liability for Business Debts

It is impossible to operate a business without creating business liabilities. One of your primary business objectives should be to keep those liabilities as the sole responsibility of the company and prevent them from becoming your personal liability as an owner. The type of business structure you choose will determine how vulnerable you are to

Common Real Estate Contract Mistakes

Here are ten of the more common mistakes I see when reviewing real estate contracts. (1) Leaving Blanks In The Contract. Failing to fill in the required blanks in a form is really sloppy work and, in my opinion, unforgivable. Take the time to review the final contract before it is submitted and fill in

Protecting Real Estate Investments with a Series LLC

Recent legislation, combined with protections historically available in Texas, make Texas one of the best locations in the U.S. for protecting assets from creditor claims. Texas has now joined seven other states in permitting the creation of a series limited liability company (LLC). A series LLC permits one LLC to be created with multiple “cells”